Top 5 Uses of Technology in Landscape Architecture

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Technology is taking over our daily lives. Being an integration of outdoor urban life and nature, Landscape Architecture has been a field almost untouched by technology in the landscape. Today, tech is starting to get its foothold in our designs, and will continue to evolve our views on sustainability and resource use in our designs. The following is a list of our top up and coming uses of technology within the Landscape Architecture World.

Responsive Street Furniture

Ross Atkins & Associates and landscaping manufacturer, Marshalls created furniture that adapts to the needs of individuals with different and varied physical needs. The furniture has the ability to provide additional lighting, seating, and audible information when needed. Responsive furniture can assist in creating a hospitable space that meets the needs of people that might need additional assistance.

Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling

Maybe we’ll never again have to wonder what to do with our paper coffee cup when the corner trash can is overflowing. Bigbelly makes solar-powered, sensor-equipped waste & recycling stations that communicate real-time status to collection crews. They also have the capacity to host a Wi-Fi hotspot, an urban sensor to capture data, beacons for public safety, and small cell and wireless equipment.

Landscape Form's GO OutdoorTable

This table has everything from LED lights to a charging station, all powered by a roof solar panel. Next time you’re considering how to get your students to maximize their dwell time, try sticking one of these bad boys in. It has a very modern design to help fit in a variety of settings.

Palo Technology Hub

Palo is a free-standing kiosk that offers free Wi-Fi, information about local events and attractions, public service announcements, maps and way-finding, and emergency alerts.. New Rochelle, New York is the first city to feature the kiosks and plans to install 25 this year. We’re looking forward to finding out whether the program is successful.

The Soofa Bench

This solar charging bench takes technology a step further. It includes a small sensor that picks up the presence and unique ID of any Wi-Fi enabled device within 150 feet. It can’t access personal information from your cell phone, but it knows whether you’re a new or returning visitor and sends that information to its host; probably a city agency, campus facilities department, or other manager of outdoor venues. The information is valuable for planning and programming public open spaces.

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