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spatial direction and identity: wayfinding within a campus refresh

DEFINITIONS... WHAT IS WAYFINDING? How can we help you find your way in a new environment if we’re not there to show you around? Entry features, signs, maps, landmarks, and

Drawing as Discovery: A Weekend With James Richards

A few weekends ago, Gatesters set out to brush up on their sketching skills with James Richards. James is a fellow urban designer as well as a travel artist, professor

Awards: San Tomas & Monroe Community Park

The American Public Works Association, Silicon Valley Chapter (APWA) honors San Tomas & Monroe Neighborhood Park & Community Garden as its 2019 Project of the Year! The park and community

8 Plants That Look Good In Winter

Sick of winter gloom and ready for spring and summer sunshine? When we think about beautiful plants, flashy spring blooms and attractive fall foliage often come to mind. Winter isn’t

Landscape Architects In Love With Landscape Architecture

We all have projects that remind us why we do what we do. Hear from the Gates' team as they share some of their favorite landscape architecture projects and companies

Top 5 Plants With Color Foliage

When it comes to color in the landscape, many people automatically think of flowers. While flowers are a great addition to a design, they can be very seasonal and temporary.

The Future of Community Engagement: Review of IAP2 Conference

The International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) conference did not disappoint. When the collective group is comprised of public participation specialists, you expect to see sessions incorporating all the best

5 Great Plant and Pot combinations

Planting in pots is a great way to bring verticality, color and interest to paved areas. Pots can be strategically placed to define a space or add a pop of

Site Furnishings For Corporate Campuses

Site furnishings are an integral part of many landscape projects. Spaces for people should be interesting and comfortable. We consider site conditions, such as sun and heat, expected uses, security,

Trees for Small Areas

As development trends towards higher densities, landscape architects get creative with constricted outdoor spaces.Trees are a critical portion of the experience of an outdoor space. Building clearances, utilities and other