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Planting in pots is a great way to bring verticality, color and interest to paved areas. Pots can be strategically placed to define a space or add a pop of color. Check out these pot planting ideas for inspiration:

Gibraltar – Pleasanton, CA

Manufacturer: QCP
Model: Cue Round
Color: French Gray

Part of Hacienda Business Park, this corporate refresh enhances outdoor courtyards for its employees. The round planters provide a soft edge, while the airy plantings add texture and movement to the space.

Pacific Pearl РPleasanton, CA

Manufacturer: Tournesol Siteworks
Model: Wilshire Collection
Color: MMP Iron (many others)

Planters help frame the entries of various tenants at this retail center. The clean lines and neutral colors of the planters are in balance with the architecture. This symmetrical planting features Bauer’s Dracaena Palms amid various low-growing succulents.

The Verdant Apartments – San Jose, CA

Manufacturer: Planters Unlimited
Model: Modern Tapered Commercial Planter F1-MOD-TS4848
Color: Latte

Large planters make a pronounced statement at the Verdant apartment entry. The planter size allows for larger plant materials, giving more verticality. The light color complements the pavers and surrounding architecture, while enhancing the plant materials.

PG&E Conference Center – San Ramon, CA

Manufacturer: Tournesol Siteworks
Model: Urban Collection
Color: MMP Aluminum

A corporate refresh project improves the usability of people spaces while offering sustainable landscape practices. These large planters help define seating areas and shield users from other uses. Soft agave accents the center of the planting while pink stonecrop cascades over the sides of the pots.

ENSO Apartments –¬†San Jose, CA

Manufacturer: QCP
Model: Cozumel
Color: Latte

Adding planters on top of a plinth is a great way to accent an important entry. The color and shape of these pots is simple and complements the building. The dark color and architectural shape of the New Zealand flax adds contrast and height to the composition.

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