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At Gates and Associates, we specialize in the development and management of large scale urban and suburban areas. From City-wide or County-wide land use programs, down to individual subdivisions, we apply the same methodical strategies to our urban plans.

In San Mateo County, this 31 acre Park Master Plan evolved through a series of community outreach efforts, all designed to identify community values and preferred uses, program and character, as well as site layout preferences. In addition to organized outreach meetings, community opinions were gathered using an online survey.

Of the three design alternatives presented, the plan that won the majority of the votes focused on three primary goals identified by the community: 1- Optimize preservation of Oak Woodland, 2- Increase offerings of sports (enhance ballfield, soccer, lacrosse) and 3- Provide a variety of uses for a range of user groups, including youth.

South San Francisco currently has 251 acres of parkland. This includes 93 acres of community parks, neighborhood parks and mini parks; 28 acres of linear parks; 2 acres of specialty parks, 78 acres of open space and 49 acres of common greens.

This city of 65,000 residents had been functioning on a 17 year-old Parks and Recreation Master Plan. In order to assure that our new plan would satisfy as many user needs as possible, Gates and Associates assessed a statistically valid community survey, conducted extensive public outreach, and created an interactive web presence for the City. The results were incorporated into the new 2015 Parks and Recreation Master Plan. This document offers a long-term vision for the overall park system which identifies future needs, prioritizes desired improvements, and creates a strategy for implementing those recommendations.

The City of Monterey’s parks and recreation system is essential to the quality of life and economic strength of the City, providing beautiful natural and developed resources for recreation, fitness, wellness, relaxation, and play for the community and visitors alike. For the new Parks and Recreation Master Plan, Gates and Associates lead the evaluations of the parks, then offered recommendations for park improvements, as well as an assessment of needs and opportunities.

Our initial assessment included Monterey’s 11 neighborhood parks totaling 18 acres, Community Parks covering 52 acres, and an additional 300 acres of open space is managed by the City. In conjunction with the prime consultant, Sports Management Group, we participated in a variety of community outreach efforts including two open house workshops, two online surveys, stakeholder interview, and four small group meetings which included art and history groups, City businesses, teens, and sports groups. With our final Plan, City Staff were provided outreach toolkits in order to share information with their local groups for additional input.