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Gates and Associates cherishes any opportunity to bring people together. Designing communal spaces is at the core of what we do – may it be a new housing development or a mixed use space filled with shopping, dining, and residential complexes. We are master space-creators who design a landscape that naturally leads groups into cozy and comfortable quarters, allowing everyone to reconnect.

Perch by Trumark Homes is a collection of 60 new residential units on 2.7 acres located in the heart of Downtown Dublin. Designed in close collaboration with architects KTGY and civil engineers Mackay & Somps, Gates + Associates was instrumental in developing this this modern, pedestrian-oriented development. Every inch of outdoor space is utilized to accommodate residents’ desire to have a walkable, usable neighborhood through a refreshing aesthetic that seamlessly unifies open space to architecture. A grand central paseo sits at the core of the neighborhood, with amenities such as seating areas, a fireplace, and a water feature flanking the entry.

Metro Crossings is a transit oriented development by Toll Brothers, composed of pedestrian-friendly residential villages of varying densities, and a mix of different open space areas, both public and private. The site was designed to connect the different neighborhoods and villages with a system of trails and parks, all leading to the BART station to the south. Metro Crossings will exemplify the modern character of Silicon Valley while strongly emphasizing the principal of walkable streets, and fun, usable open space.

This  senior housing project provides 90 affordable apartments for the Menlo Park community.  The outdoor spaces promote the goal of healthy living with a continuous story pathway connecting social spaces, common areas and protected courtyards.

The outdoor living amenities include picnic areas, gardening beds, exercise equipment and an artistic fence element along the Willow Road frontage.

  • Award of Merit | Gold Nuggets Awards 2017

This new housing development in Dublin is still in progress, encompassing 89 Acres which will hold 24 Neighborhoods, to be completed in 5 Phases. To date, Gates and Associates has assisted with the Master Plan for this community as well as the Backbone Design, Landscape Design of Neighborhoods 1 – 6, and the Welcome Haus. When complete this contemporary take on a standard master planned community, will provide approximately 1700 new homes. All throughout, the Boulevard landscape has been carefully developed to express the community’s contemporary urban village character. The aesthetic can be described as “urban wellness-chic” and is characterized by clean, contemporary design, native and climate adapted plant palettes and the use of sustainable design practices and materials.

Wallis Ranch is located on approximately 184 acres in the northernmost portion of Dublin, CA. Gates + Associates crafted the overall landscape master plan which is a refined interpretation of an Agrarian/California Ranch landscape. Stone walls, orchard grids, and native grass plantings are used to reinforce the theme in key areas. The creation of pedestrian-oriented neighborhoods was a major feature in the overall design of Wallis Ranch. Each of the eight neighborhoods embodies their own unique character working to create a shared sense of community throughout the generous mix of housing types. Walkable tree-lined streets, paths and trails, and interconnected spaces, all anchored by a community park and clubhouse that appeal to all residents.

Master Planned Community of the Year | 2017 PCBC Gold Nugget Awards, 2017 NAHB Nationals Awards, 2017 BIA Excellence Awards

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