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Gates and Associates cherishes any opportunity to bring people together. Designing communal spaces is at the core of what we do – may it be a new housing development or a mixed use space filled with shopping, dining, and residential complexes. We are master space-creators who design a landscape that naturally leads groups into cozy and comfortable quarters, allowing everyone to reconnect.

Within this new 184-acre subdivision development in Dublin CA, more than half of the space has been dedicated to parks, open space and a water-quality basin. Gates + Associates assisted with the vision and space planning of this property, beginning on the backbone of this project.

One of the highest priorities of the overall plan was to ensure residents would have access to multiple communal areas. All eight neighborhoods within this community will have access to a three-acre common area featuring an edible garden, fitness center, pool, spa and BBQ space, as well as trail systems, designed by our team.

Sitting in a narrow 1.5-acre plot, nestled between a residential development to the north and commercial development to the south, this Mixed Use Space marries the two. Bay Meadows is home to a 575-unit apartment complex, with retail development at the ground level and across the site. Underground parking is hidden beneath 60% of the site, relieving congestion on the surface roads.

At the core of this site is the Linear Park featuring a Granite Fountain Plaza at the Park’s entry, as well as a children’s interactive splash plaza. This harmonious design accommodates the needs of a variety of user groups, partially due to pedestrian and vehicular bridges link the residential and commercial zones. We managed the project from updating the Master Plan to completion of construction, addressing diverse issues arising from site constraints, environmental concerns and public demands.

This new housing development in Dublin is still in progress, encompassing 89 Acres which will hold 24 Neighborhoods, to be completed in 5 Phases. To date, Gates and Associates has assisted with the Master Plan for this community as well as the Backbone Design, Landscape Design of Neighborhoods 1 – 6, and the Welcome Haus. When complete this contemporary take on a standard master planned community, will provide approximately 1700 new homes. All throughout, the Boulevard landscape has been carefully developed to express the community’s contemporary urban village character. The aesthetic can be described as “urban wellness-chic” and is characterized by clean, contemporary design, native and climate adapted plant palettes and the use of sustainable design practices and materials.