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Photo by Cierra Bailey, Pleasanton Weekly

Livermorium Plaza, downtown Livermore’s newest public park, is now open to the public!

The new outdoor space, occupying what was formerly known as Mills Square Park, celebrates the city’s history and global significance — a nuclear element Livermorium was named for the city, thanks to work done at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). The 11,000 lb. solid granite rotating water sphere, shaped like an atom, will be a popular public art element and commemoration for years to come.  Educational elements are woven into the design, including 10 facts provided by LLNL engraved directly on the sphere, as well as 12 engraved granite markers with additional facts that encircle the fountain.

It was great to see our partners and friends at this event who helped make this project a reality:

Client: City of Livermore, CA

Civil Engineer: BKF Engineers

Lighting & Technology Designer: Interface Engineering

Geotechnical Engineer: BSK Associates

Structural Engineer: SGH Engineering

Contractor: Robert Bothman Construction

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