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Gates + Associates is a group of 30+ creatives coming together to make life better with one simple goal – getting people outside. Our forte is connecting our clients to the nature around them. The root of our designs is based on the primary function of the space, the user experience, and then grown organically into a design that suits those needs. We are problem solvers. We are landscape architects, urban designers and land planners who thrive when presented with a perplexing (dare we say daunting) project challenge. To the core, we understand that the methods for getting people outside are ever-changing. This will always be our biggest challenge, and the most rewarding when designed properly.

Our Core Values







Cañada College

“With the changes accomplished here, and on this lovely day, the campus is stunningly beautiful. The Project is really coming together. It captures and enthralls my limited aesthetic sensibility to think about what it does to the eye of the student and neighbor who can experience the entire vista. What a gorgeous place!”

Thomas C. Mohr, President

Dublin Unified School District

“For nearly 20 years, it has been my pleasure to work with Gates + Associates Landscape Architects.  During that time, we have collaborated on more than a dozen school projects in two school districts and I continually rely on their extreme professionalism and highly skilled team members.”

Tim Boczanowski, Construction Program Manager

Diamond Heights

Varied colors, textures, movement and placement describes perfectly what you gave us. On behalf of the Association I thank you so much for your vision.

Jack Lenk, President Diamond Heights Village Association
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