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We are covering ground and re-vamping campuses of all varieties. Gates and Associates places a heavy focus on the social and communal aspects of each campus, making sure to customize the experience for each user group.

As the project landscape architect of this hospital campus upgrade, Gates and Associates created a vibrant and user-friendly space, promoting clear pedestrian and vehicular circulation. Vibrant outdoor rooms, courtyards and roof decks provide peaceful retreat spaces for visitors and patients alike. A luxurious forecourt, Sharon Garden, welcomes visitors to the facility, and a custom installation “River of Light & Mountain Range” designed by Gordon Huether frames the entry to the facility.

After studying the campus use pattern, and observing paths of travel on campus, Gates and Associates created the master plan for the Central Green. This project seamlessly integrated existing buildings within an ever changing landscape of new construction – all in order to provide students with new outdoor facilities and a unifying spine through the campus core. We created photosimulations of different outdoor rooms and plazas, then lead a team of electric and civil engineers to provide $2M of campus improvements for student plazas, pedestrian boulevards and accessibility, all enhancing the circulation and use of space.

Within the West Contra Costa Unified School District (WCCUSD), this middle school settled into the heart of El Cerrito; and was part of The Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) movement, which inspired Gates and Associates to design outdoor spaces which would meet the needs of the growing school population. The park interface setting of the school campus posed unique issues which included grading, accessibility and stormwater management, all addressed in our design. With the school’s grand opening, it introduced the largest green roof in California. These LiveRoof benefits include additional insulation and lower electrical costs associated with heating and cooling, and much more.